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Month: April 2014

Veterans Employment Center

Veterans Employment Center


The online Veterans Employment Center is the single federal source for Veterans looking for new career opportunities in the private and public sectors, as well as Service Members transitioning to the civilian workforce, military and Veteran spouses and dependents looking for employment opportunities, GI Bill beneficiaries transitioning from training to the job market and employers looking to connect with high quality applicants. It is the first interagency tool that brings together public and private job opportunities with resume building and other career tools currently offered on a variety of websites together in one place.

Through the online Veterans Employment Center, Veterans, transitioning Service Members and spouses are connected to high quality career choices by matching their identified skills with available public and private job opportunities. The site is built using an open application programming interface (API) to attract private sector innovation.

Veteran Applicant Resources:
– Quick public resume posting with an instant connection to thousands of public and private employers
– Target job search based on specific, high-demand career paths
– Single search for both public and private sector positions
– Military skills translator and resume generator
– Social media integration with popular bookmarking sites for saving job postings

Employer Resources:
– Access targeted feed of qualified resumes from Veteran applicants
– View reverse skills translation (military to civilian skills) for applicants
– Set Veterans hiring goals and track progress
– Connect to resources designed to help recruit and retain talented, Veteran employees

In connection with the First Lady and Dr. Biden’s Joining Forces initiative, the Department of Veterans Affairs worked with the Departments of Defense, Labor, and Education, and the Office of Personnel Management to design and develop the site and incorporate features of existing online employment tools at each agency. The result is an upgrade to the existing Veterans Job Bank and an integrated solution connecting Veterans, transitioning Service Members and employers.
Employers, Veterans and transitioning Service Members deserve a single, authoritative source for connecting to each other. Now that the core tools and an integrated search function exist in one single location, each agency is engaged in minimizing duplication and redundancy of current sites and services.

The Veterans Employment Center can be found at: https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits/jobs

For a tutorial video on how to use the Veterans Employment Center, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWfhI-eSoWk

Staff Kudos ~ Stephanie Freeman

Staff Kudos ~ Stephanie Freeman

Stephanie Freeman is a joy to work with.  Her vast experience as a trainer is evidenced by her knowledge of her product.  She is very approachable and open to answering individual questions.   She seems to have a very fresh but professionally acceptable solution to each dilemma that is presented for resolution.  And, for me, personally, she has gone above and beyond what her job description requires to help me find my way during this transitional period in my life.  – Jeanne Rountree

UPDATE: CareerSource Florida and Tobacco Free Florida Working Together for a Healthier Florida

UPDATE: CareerSource Florida and Tobacco Free Florida Working Together for a Healthier Florida



Display Order



Tobacco User – No Referral Made




Tobacco User – Referral made to AHEC




Tobacco User – Referral to Quit line



The TNR code would be used for those individuals that use tobacco but do not want a referral and allows us to get a count of the total number of people we have provided outreach on the issue. The other two codes would be used depending on which referral was requested by the individual. Please make sure you are updating customer’s profiles in EFM with these codes.


Junior Achievement and CareerSource Pinellas JA Volunteer Opportunities

Junior Achievement and CareerSource Pinellas JA Volunteer Opportunities

Junior Achievement is looking forward to your presence in the JA Classroom this spring.  As you may know, Ed Peachey is the Junior Achievement Volunteer Chair and has allowed CareerSource Pinellas Staff the opportunity to inspire our young people this spring.  JA teachers and students welcome each of you to share your life experiences and JA lessons in their classroom.  All it takes is a few hours to make a difference in a child’s life.

CareerSource Pinellas JA Volunteer Opportunities:

JA Our Families® explains how family members’ jobs and businesses contribute to the well-being of the family and of the community.  The program introduces the concept of needs and wants and explores the ways families plan for and acquire goods and services.  Students analyze their own skills to determine ways they can support their families. (Grade 1)

  • Friday, May 2nd– 8:30am-11:30am – Bauder 1st Grade- Address – 12755 86th Avenue N., Seminole, FL 33776 (6 Volunteers)
  • Friday, May 16th– 8:30am-11:30am – Bay Point 1st Grade-– Address – 5800 22nd Street South, St. Petersburg, FL 33712 (6 Volunteers)

JA Our Nation™ provides practical information about the need for employees who can meet the demands of the 21st century job market, particularly high-growth, high-demand jobs. By program’s end, students will understand the skills, especially in science, technology, engineering, and math, that will make their futures brighter. (Grade 5)  Tuesday, May 27th 8:30am-12:30pmLealman Intermediate Middle School – 4900 28th St. N St. Petersburg, FL 33714-3146  (2 Volunteer Teams are Needed)

JA More than Money® JA More than Money teaches students about earning, spending, sharing, and saving money. It also identifies businesses that students can start or jobs they can perform to earn money. Students play a game to learn money-management skills and to better understand the role and importance of money in their lives. (Grades 4)  Thursday, May 29th 8:30am-12:00pm – Skycrest 4th Grade – 10 N Corona Ave Clearwater, FL 33765-2905  (3 Volunteer Teams are Needed)

New to JA:  “What is Junior Achievement?” Check out our JA Video by clicking here!

What’s Next?  Simply register as a JA Volunteer and you will then be scheduled for your 90 minute orientation held at St. Petersburg College Epi Center the week before your event.

Volunteer Registration literally takes five (5) minutes or less.  Click here to registerPlease list all your schools of interest in the your preferred school column.

Again, thanks for your consideration in being a positive role model for our kids.

Staff Kudos ~ Robyn Conley

Staff Kudos ~ Robyn Conley

On March 26th Robyn Conley went above and beyond my expectations as she helped me to understand a communication that could have had an impact on my claiming of weeks. She knew exactly where to go for help and the questions I had were resolved brilliantly. –  Joan Marzi