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Month: November 2017

Honoring our Veterans

Honoring our Veterans


In honor of Veterans Day and our vet staff who serve many of our customers who are veterans, below are photos of our Veterans team. These were taken while each was on Active Duty in the US Military.

Take a look and have fun recognizing who is who (name tags on the uniform give some away). Also take a minute during this week to thank these vet staff as well as all the other veterans who work within our organization.

Vet1 Vet15 Vet2 Vet3 Vet4 Vet5 Vet6 Vet7 Vet8 Vet9 Vet10 Vet11 Vet12 Vet13 Vet14 Vet18 Vet19 Vet16 Vet17