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Startup Quest

Startup Quest

What is Startup Quest?

Startup Quest is an exciting, grant funded program that trains people with advanced college degrees to become entrepreneurs and educates them about opportunities to commercialize technologies developed at Florida’s public universities and federal laboratories. Participants receive training in aspects of commercializing a technology, and then work in teams to create a simulated company. The simulated companies will be led by experienced community entrepreneurs/mentors. The program will last for ten weeks with one half-day training session per week. Startup Quest will then conclude with a pitch contest in front of real world investor judges.

Because the Department of Labor is using the grant as a study to see if it should be expanded to other areas of the country, 75% of eligible applicants will be placed in the program and 25% of eligible applicants will be in the control group and not receive training. These groups will be selected by a third party evaluator.

Who is eligible for Startup Quest?

  • Unemployed or underemployed job seekers over the age of 18
  • Legally able to work in the United States
  • Males over 18 must be registered with Selective Service
  • Post-secondary degree (Doctorate, Masters, Bachelors preferred; Associates degree with experience)

Benefits to participants:

  • Learn tools and knowledge useful in starting a business
  • Acquire knowledge about new, cutting edge technologies
  • Learn how to write a business plan
  • Networking with talented and skilled peers and mentors
  • Enhance resume

How can we promote Startup Quest?

  • Participants with various backgrounds can gain new skills, so a participant with a degree that might not seem ideal for entrepreneurship could still benefit from the program.
  • It’s a low risk way for anyone that has ever thought about starting their own business to see if entrepreneurship is right for them.
  • The program has had success in other regions by helping people create businesses and acquire new skill sets.
  • The program was designed to accommodate many schedules. The time commitment in relatively short, but those that want to become more involved in the program will have the opportunity through starting a simulated company.

Startup Quest Flyer

Startup Quest – Informational Handout


For more information, participants should contact: StartupQuest@WorkNetPinellas.org or visit www.WorkNetPinellas.org.

For internal questions contact:

Clay Gambetti, GambettiC@WorkForceTampa.com, 813-397-2074

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