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Staff Kudos ~ Resource Center Staff @ St. Petersburg center

Staff Kudos ~ Resource Center Staff @ St. Petersburg center

“I would like to acknowledge what a fantastic job the Resource Center staff here at South County do every single day. I have never seen the Resource Center run more efficiently than it is right now. They have a difficult job and they do it very well – as a real team.

I would especially like to thank Alex Salfer-Hobbs and Candace Orsini for referring a group of potential TAA customers to me. These three individuals were recently laid off from their jobs due to outsourcing and had come into the Resource Center for assistance applying for Unemployment. After speaking with the customers for a few moments they realized that they may be eligible for TAA. I was able to meet with the group and assisted them in filing a petition for coverage under the Trade Adjustment Act program and we are now waiting on a determination!

Here is the great part about this story: We had a staff meeting a few weeks prior to this and were able to spend some time telling our co-workers what we do in each of our programs and sharing some of our personal successes. I think until that meeting several of us may not have been entirely aware of what happens in our many program offerings here at CareerSource Pinellas. Because of that staff meeting and taking the opportunity to share and team build, Alex and Candace were able to refer this group of people to me, and if their petition ends up being certified at the federal level, we may have a really nice sized group of new customers to serve!

Thank you for your help. What a wonderful group effort!” ~ Alexandra Jasicki, TAA Program, CSPIN

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