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From Veterans, To Veterans: C.J. Wilson

From Veterans, To Veterans: C.J. Wilson

 CareerSource Pinellas would like to graciously recognize C.J. Wilson for his 10 years as a Corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps. We understand that more than courage is needed for one to risk his life for his country: his commitment, caring and personal strength have ascended him to the highest honor.

Currently, C.J. has been with CareerSource for 4 and a half years as one of our brightest LVERs.  Each time he works with an employer who has advised him that they had hired a veteran that was assisted through the CSPIN Veteran Service Department, C.J. considers this the most rewarding experience.

“It’s the small victories that matter the most because that is the beginning to winning the bigger victory for the veteran. It only reconfirms the importance in the work that we do as a Veteran Staff in assisting the veteran population in Pinellas County.”

Because of dedicated individuals like C.J. and our Veteran Services Team, our local veterans can truly be victorious.  Thank you, C.J., for your service to our country, this organization and our community veterans.

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