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From Veterans, To Veterans: Ronald Hasty

From Veterans, To Veterans: Ronald Hasty

CareerSource Pinellas proudly honors Ronald Hasty, Master Sergeant of the U.S. Air Force for 22 years.  His bravery and commitment to a lifetime of service are heroic and inspiring.  We are very proud of his achievements, both in the military and here at CareerSource Pinellas as a member of our DVOP team.

We would like to thank Ron for sharing the following story about the veteran he had helped that made him feel like his job truly makes a difference.

“As I was reviewing the veteran’s “Veteran Initial Intake” sheet with him, he told me that he is restricted from applying to many jobs because he doesn’t have a high school diploma.  I asked him if he would have gotten his diploma during his first enlistment had he stayed in school.  He told me yes.  I also asked him what state would have issued him his diploma. He told me Connecticut.  While he was sitting in front of me, I called the Connecticut Department of Educate and asked the person on the phone if their state gives high school diplomas to veterans who leave school to join the military.  She told me they do.  I collected the information from the veteran and told him where he needs to send it.  In the days that followed, he came by the office trying to talk to me.  The third time he met with me.  He was very excited and with tears in his eyes, he told me that they informed him, that if he could make it back to Connecticut, they would formally present him with his diploma.  He was very grateful that I helped him.  At that moment, I realized that we do make a difference.”

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