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Out-of-Office Emails

Out-of-Office Emails

Season’s greetings!

As many of us are preparing for our holiday vacations, we’d just like to remind you to set up an out-of-off response email for the days you will not be working. Some tips?

  • Do: keep it brief, include your return date and provide alternative contact information, if needed.
    • Thank you for your email. I will be out of the office until XX/XX, 2019.  For immediate assistance, please contact XXXX at XXX@email.com
  • Don’t: give too much information out or wait until the last minute.
    • Thank you for your email.  I’m obviously not at the office today. Instead, I’m on a nice sunny beach, enjoying my holiday, sipping tropical drinks from coconuts with my family on my mom’s side, friends and my puppy, Jingle.  

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Thanks, and happy holidays!

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